We are changing the way people build software



At Jeavio, our journey is driven by a singular mission: Enabling Purposeful Digital Transformation.

We love building software using modern techniques and methodologies for swift, precise outcomes. What sets us apart? Our founders transcended conventional software development, envisioning digital solutions that don’t merely meet technical standards but rather achieve Product-Market Fit and tangible business success.

But that’s not all. Our distinctive “skin in the game” model stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to clients, reshaping partnerships and redefining industry norms. We are not just about technology; we transform it into real-world impact, infusing our organization with a spirit that propels us to revolutionize the digital realm.

  1. Founded by serial tech entrepreneurs
  2. Core team has worked together for 25+ years
  3. Diverse portfolio: Startups to Enterprises.
  4. Over 230+ global talent pool.
  5. Deep expertise in AI, Data Engineering & DevOps


Our Vision

To become the go-to company for both talent and clients seeking modern software development.

Our Core Values

  1. Respect for people
  2. Doing the right thing
  3. Learning and self-improvement
  4. Transparency
  5. Honesty
  6. Confidence


Discover the passionate individuals propelling Jeavio’s success.

Yash Shah


Uday Shah

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Ken Adamson

VP, Product Management

Vishwas Jagetiya

Engineering Manager

Swati Ojha

Manager, Talent Management

Roopal Shah

Engineering Manager

Vrunda Thacker

Engineering Manager

Sudhir Fanse

VP, Finance

Kamal Raj Guptha

Engineering Manager

Satish Bhat

VP, Portfolio & Services Growth

Jagannath Gangaiah

Engineering Manager

Manan Thakkar

Engineering Manager

Rushi Luhar

Chief Technology Officer

Rachana Seth

Talent Acquisition Manager

Neha Gupta Kannan

Product Owner

Jay Lalwani

Support Manager

Deepak Agrawal

Engineering Manager

Manisha Sarkar

Manager, Quality

Jagadish Kannan

VP, Engineering & Services

Nimesh Shah

VP, HR & Operations

Ankit Shah

Director Engineering

Shruti Chadha

Senior Manager, Engineering  

Kriti Chadha

Brand & Digital Marketing Manager

Sanket Ghumra

QA Manager

Shaji Nair

Engineering Manager

Nisha Munshi

Program Manager

Monika Katiyar

Manager, DevSecOps

Kapil Jethava

Engineering Manager


We are headquartered in Boston, United States, with additional offices in Vadodara & Pune in India.