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Jeavio 2022 Graduate Retrospective

Unlock a world of learning and growth with the Jeavio Graduate Program—a launchpad for Graduates into the evolving world of technology. We are a young and dynamic company with more than 230 people sharing a common passion for software excellence. We formed the Jeavio Graduate Program with the objective to empower and encourage engineers

Rushi Luhar

Using Large Language Models

I had the pleasure of moderating a stimulating discussion around the use of Large Language Models (LLMs) for Blue Cloud Ventures last week. Presenters from 10 varied B2B SaaS companies shared their current and planned use of LLM capabilities. We covered a number of use cases, challenges, as well as discussed vendors and the broad oppo

Jeavio RnD Team

Chatbots are not the only Conversational Interface

ChatGPT, Pi, Claude, Bard, BingChat, and others are all chatbots built on top of Large Language Models like GPT-4. ChatGPT is very popular because it is easy to use. It leverages the underlying large language model’s ability to parse natural language to present a compelling user experience. You ask it questions, prompt it to do[...]

LLMs as building blocks

Jeavio RnD Team

Learning by Building: Using Large Language Models to Power Applications

In May 2023, we organized a two-week Innovation Hackathon at Jeavio focused on using Large Language Models (LLMs). We aimed to learn how to use these powerful technologies to build practical applications and tools.One of our teams decided to focus on helping Jeavio's Talent Acquisition (TA) team. The team built a set of tools [...]

Rushi Luhar

From Coder to Co-Pilot: The Impact of AI on Software Delivery

Generative AI will transform software development by allowing developers to focus on core business logic, boost productivity, and improve efficiency of software delivery. The shift to AI enabled software architecture will transform user interfaces, application logic and workflows across the software lifecycle. As we look to the[...]

Kriti Chadha

Importance of Venture Services

Jeavio is a Venture Services firm. We often get asked what Venture Services means and how we assist our portfolio companies. When the word Venture or Start-Up is heard, the first thing most of us think of is ‘Venture Capital’. I belonged to the same category until I started working at Jeavio.Perhaps it is because for most of us [...]