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Rushi Luhar

From Coder to Co-Pilot: The Impact of AI on Software Delivery

This blog is a summary of a presentation made by Rushi Luhar (Jeavio CTO) at TiECON East in April 2023. You can download the presentation here. A video version of the presentation will be posted shortly. Summary Generative AI will transform software development by allowing developers to focus on core business logic, boost productivity, and […]

Kriti Chadha

Importance of Venture Services

Jeavio is a Venture Services firm. We often get asked what Venture Services means and how we assist our portfolio companies. When the word Venture or Start-Up is heard, the first thing most of us think of is ‘Venture Capital’. I belonged to the same category until I started working at Jeavio. Perhaps it is […]

Kriti Chadha

Jeavio 2021 Graduate Retrospective

We have been successfully running our Graduate Program for a few years now. It is conscientiously and strategically designed to give young software engineers a platform to explore and hone their skills.The program has a mix of training programs designed to enhance their technical skills and help them develop various soft skills and business acumen.

Kriti Chadha

Jeavio 2020 Graduate Retrospective

Jeavio is a venture services company on a mission to empower early and growth stage start-ups. We provide advisory, technology and investment services Our portfolio consists of startups from a variety of domains including healthcare, education, leisure and logistics. Jeavio’s success and that of our portfolio companies relies on our people. We give them a platform where […]

Kriti Chadha

Managing Remote Teams

Introduction: A Shift in Perspective Majority of our team consisting of almost 100 engineers, spread across Vadodara, Pune, and Coimbatore, has been working remotely, since March 2020. The last year has taught us many lessons on operating a (no longer small) company in a remote environment. We have struggled in some cases and have done […]

Rushi Luhar

Understanding “The Product Death Cycle”

Introduction. At Jeavio, we work with our portfolio companies to help accelerate product development. In our experience, product orientation is a reliable indicator of the success of a portfolio company. In the coming weeks, we will explore what it takes to build a healthy product practice. But first, I would like to talk about an […]