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Kriti Chadha

Jeavio 2019 Graduates Retrospective

We at Jeavio firmly believe in practicing over theory and continuous learning & self-improvement (two of our important guiding principles and values). To achieve this, we conducted a self-reflection exercise with our 2019 batch of graduates. Reflecting back on time could prove to be a great tool if used with the right purpose. It definitely […]

Kriti Chadha

How To Get Started With Buyer Personas For Your Business

Buyer personas are an important part of the initial process of when you start a company or a product. A question may arise – What if I have a small business. Do I still need one? In most situations, the answer would be a ‘Yes’.


What I Learned From My First UX Project

A few days ago, I finished working on my first client project. It was my first ever real project. It came with its learnings and challenges. I was lucky enough to find a supportive manager and a team member who helped me throughout the project. The task was to design a job seeking/hiring mobile app. […]

Kriti Chadha

Certain Dos and Don’ts for Building Effective App Prototypes

The success and achievements of any business are just the tip of the iceberg. The real story if often not visible but comprises many struggles, failures, lessons and lots of hard work. A start-up may pass through these broadly categorized stages: Stage 1: Early stage Stage 2: Seed stage Stage 3: Growth and establishment Stage 4: Maturity Stage 5: Acquisition […]