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Astha Shah

Software Engineer

“Working with Jeavio has been a wonderful experience. I had been entrusted with opportunities and responsibilities early on, helping me accelerate my growth. The work culture of Jeavio is nurturing. The communication channels are open and frank. Communication gaps caused by the lockdown blues couldn’t hamper our productivity or cause any unwanted stress. The entire team including team leads are always ready to help, be it work-related or you are just feeling down due to the overall current state of the world. Despite being a fresher, I was given a lot of challenging new opportunities, which helped me not only on the technical front but also on the soft skills side like negotiations within the team and with the client, being assertive and persistent while knowing where to make the trade-offs, identifying red flags early in the development cycle, putting my point forward and making others understand my thought process, learning to accept others’ points of view and building products together as a team.”

Suneet Singh

Senior QA Automation Engineer

“When I set foot into Jeavio in 2018 as a Senior QA Automation Engineer, since then I’ve had numerous chances to be part of something exciting, to be able to learn new things as well as demonstrate my strong commitment and contributions.
Here, the opportunity to grow personally and professionally like communication, collaboration, teamwork, professionalism etc., is quite tremendous. To even harmonize work and life, one can actively participate in many entertainment activities organised by the company.
I’ve been fortunate to be part of this wonderful environment that makes me who I am today.”

Aishwarya Vijay Patil

Software Engineer

“I love working with Jeavio. I started as a fresher. I’m a campus hire. At the start, everything was new to me. There were many things that I did not know in my college days but here I got a chance to learn them. Within a few months, I started working on live products, that was the best thing I could ever ask for as a fresher. I got to learn product life cycles in the production environment very closely.
The thing I love in Jeavio is everyone here is very approachable. Not a single time I hesitated that how can I ask something to someone. Everyone is friendly and the work environment is very comfortable here.
I truly feel blessed that I started my career at such a great workplace like Jeavio.”

Sagar Karathiya

Senior QA Engineer

“Having worked with big MNCs for over 6 years before moving to Jeavio, there was a lot of anxiety to work for a mid-sized privately held company, but Jeavio laid all my concerns to rest. I had not heard about Jeavio before joining, however, the first week into my job I realised that I am surrounded by capable, experienced & hardworking people.
Jeavio is a good place to work at. The culture is transparent and every employee, irrespective of their position is given a chance to be heard, and there are ample opportunities available to those who want to build a career here. It is a young organisation with a contemporary, innovative, and entrepreneurial approach that distinguishes it from its peers. It provides a very conducive environment to learn, grow and prosper. As a curious employee, I got the right exposure as I had the opportunity to connect with learned colleagues, enthusiastic clients and start-up founders. The learning is great through practical experiences and the growth opportunities are good.
The founders and management team are open to discussing new ideas and improvements. Trust-based culture, regular communication and an environment of hiring right and hardworking-people have laid the foundation for employee autonomy. This in turn has helped me to act and think independently. I feel more accountable for my deliverables and want to perform at my best. At the end of the day, I can say that I have great job satisfaction. 🙂 🙂
I have been with the organisation for more than 2 years now and have seen myself transform as a professional in more than one ways. As it is said that “The trail is the thing, not the end of the trail” My two years’ trail at Jeavio has been very gratifying and rewarding. I always had opportunities and challenges beyond my current role which helped me transform myself (in a good way) and achieve greater heights. Jeavio is the perfect place for someone looking for a challenging, fast-growing environment with opportunities to learn cross-functional skills and be a “T” shaped person. As I already said It has a good work culture and a perfect work-life balance. There is a true sense of belonging, respect and involvement at each level.
I am glad to be a part of this company and wonderful young team!”

Shivam Khosla

Software Engineer

“I started my software development career as an intern and now have completed two years at Jeavio. Being a night owl, one of the perks that I enjoy are flexible work hours. I was assigned responsibilities very early in my career which improved my decision-making skills. Moreover, Jeavio changed my notion of work-life which I used to perceive as boring before starting my corporate life, into completely enjoyable by the activities that happen at regular intervals. Working with Jeavio has been a great experience!”

Roshan Kathawate

Principal Software Engineer

“It’s been a great opportunity to join Jeavio. From day one, the team has been open to bringing new ideas to the table. As a Principal Software Engineer, I got an opportunity to work on some of the challenging problems in SDWAN domain.
I am glad to work in such a challenging and positive work environment where the focus is to solve problems through team cooperation and moving towards a common vision.”

Ritesh Thakkar

Senior Software Engineer

“I have been working with Jeavio for the past 6 years. It is the best job that I had so far. Working on super complex problems that have not been explored before makes the whole experience more like discovery rather than engineering. I think Jeavio’s best assets are its people. I have worked with a group of great people who make coming to work a great pleasure.”

Satishkumar Patni

Senior Support Engineer

“Jeavio provides consistent product development and customer support is really good throughout. They are always improving and developing with us.”

Vishwas Jagetiya

Engineering Manager

“As rightly quoted time does not wait, I have a similar thought after working with Jeavio for 5 years. It still makes me feel as if I joined a week ago. I have been associated with multiple portfolio companies at Jeavio and had a great experience working with the team here. I got exposure to a lot of technical stacks in a short period and would like to go ahead and do the same for a long tenure with Jeavio. It always made me feel like family with all members at Jeavio and I really mean it.”

Pratik Marfatia

Senior Software Engineer

“For me, it’s been almost 5 years in Jeavio. Jeavio values ‘Hard work’ & ‘Quality’ that makes you more responsible at work & offers a great place with friendly environment & supportive clients to grow and develop your knowledge and skills. I enjoy a very good work-life balance. Every employee is always given a chance to share his/her problems which helps to establish a healthy relationship. I look forward to being a part of this organisation for a long time to come.”

Bhavik Patel

Senior Software Engineer

“Jeavio is an awesome place to work. A high energy atmosphere, transparent culture, internal communication, leadership support coupled with loads of learning opportunities help the individual act as an entrepreneur in their own space.”

Niki Trivedi

Senior Software Engineer

“I have been associated with Jeavio since 2016. I am proud to say Jeavio and I had started our journey together. I have seen Jeavio growing wonderfully to an amazing workplace. The experiences, that I have gained along the way, are irreplaceable and invaluable. Jeavio always provides relevant platforms to learn and explore new technologies. I find the culture open and transparent enough to encourage thinking out loud. Working around like-minded people helps me get outside my comfort zone, enhance my knowledge and capabilities. Jeavio gives me a chance to contribute towards development with a cause, to make other’s life easier.”


Payal Purohit

Senior HR Executive

“Jeavio has provided me with a platform to learn, evolve, and constantly evaluate my progress. The opportunities presented are great for me in the longer scheme of my career growth too. They not only enabled me to implement new ideas but also gave me the platform to learn from my mistakes.
In the past 5 years, continuous feedback and conversation with my manager have groomed my HR skills and have helped me build a vision of what I would like to achieve in the coming few years.”

Parin Pagi

HR Lead

“I am really grateful to work at Jeavio. I find it a place where I can grow together with the organisation. It has helped me reach great heights by offering me new learning opportunities and strengthening my inherent skills with its rich and diverse organisational culture. I would say Jeavio is a place to work where we can ‘accomplish more together'”

Jay Lalwani

Support Manager

“It has been an amazing journey with Jeavio so far. I’ve learned so many new things in my short span with Jeavio.
The company’s environment is fresh and boosts transparency and maturity in the culture.
I find myself among a group of great colleagues who share their experiences and work together in a spirit of mutual benefit.”

Rushabh Patel

Technical Writer

“First of all, I am very glad to be a part of this wonderful family. I always feel that I am working with my family members and not employees of the organisation.
Managers, colleagues, and all other higher-level management people are always ready to help without a second thought.
There are many other good things, such as:
Flexible working hours, Appreciation for work, Work-life balance, Great leadership, Friendly work environment and, many more.
Overall, I am extremely happy to be working with Jeavio.”

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