April 24, 2020 Kriti Chadha

Jeavio 2019 Graduates Retrospective

We at Jeavio firmly believe in practicing over theory and continuous learning & self-improvement (two of our important guiding principles and values). To achieve this, we conducted a self-reflection exercise with our 2019 batch of graduates. Reflecting back on time could prove to be a great tool if used with the right purpose. It definitely worked for us and helped us understand the needs and challenges of our young engineers and how they tackled them.

We conducted this exercise with the following purposes:

  1. To understand the key learnings and challenges they faced during their 1st year.
  2. To identify scope of any improvement in our graduate program.

After looking at their responses, we found a few valuable tips and advice that could benefit anyone who is just starting out their careers. So, we thought of sharing them with everyone. Here are a few tips that could come in handy when you jump to your corporate life:

  • Keep learning, keep calm and don’t be sad if something comes up which you don’t have a grip on.
  • Learn new things and don’t hesitate in taking help from others if needed.
  • Learn how to estimate your work, don’t try to do everything at once, take your time to do your work.
  • Look at the other problems surrounding the main problem before spelling out the solution that you think will suit best.
  • Never stop practicing your skills – tech or any other job skills.
  • Have qualities of a leader, never miss any opportunity where you can take the mantle even temporarily.
  • Understand the client requirements properly.
  • Important for individuals who are starting out to learn new technologies and also focus on development etiquette (time-management, problem approach, estimations).
  • Learning is an ongoing process and most people learn domain-specific skills at their work only.
  • One should focus on continuously improving oneself in the quality of the tasks one takes on.
  • One should always focus on learning the fundamentals of any new skill to be acquired.

Hope these learnings would be useful for anyone who is taking the first step towards their work life. If you are also looking for an opportunity to work on cutting edge technologies in an awesome work culture, then drop us a line at careers@jeavio.com. For more details visit our careers page at: www.jeavio.com/careers