January 5, 2022 Kriti Chadha

Jeavio 2020 Graduate Retrospective

Jeavio is a venture services company on a mission to empower early and growth stage start-ups. We provide advisory, technology and investment services

Our portfolio consists of startups from a variety of domains including healthcare, education, leisure and logistics. Jeavio’s success and that of our portfolio companies relies on our people. We give them a platform where they can develop their skills to keep up with the latest technology trends through on the job training and mentoring.

One such initiative is our intensive 1-year graduate training program. It is designed as a fast-track career pathway for young software engineers to become future leaders. We combine structured, formal training with hands-on client projects and dedicated mentors.

Jeavio firmly believes in practice over theory and in learning by doing. From day one, graduates at Jeavio are exposed to various areas of the business, industry practices, company culture and also participate in workshops to enhance their communication and other soft skills. This is in addition to relevant technology training and participation in real world projects.

This year has been unique and challenging for our 2020 graduate cohort. We have been remote since March making our usual hands-on training programs difficult to implement. However, we are thrilled to see our latest batch of engineers make rapid progress and become valuable members of the Jeavio family.

A couple of weeks ago, we asked the 2020 cohort to reflect on a challenging year. Here are some of their insights:

  • “Analyze yourself and make a path to improve yourself with knowledge and skills.” — Chirag Vadodariya
  • “Learn to write clean, precise, robust and efficient code. Give enough time to understand requirements or the scenario, think about the approach thoroughly, and then get to coding.” — Nandan Kalaria
  • “For an individual who is just taking a leap into the corporate world, I would like to suggest them to work on more projects, rather than just going through the online courses to learn something new, as it may provide a better hands-on practice by implementing what you have learned theoretically. Also, it is good to work on one’s communication skills and have a basic idea of office etiquette, because I believe this is necessary to make a good first impression in the new world and will also help to work with ease with unfamiliar people.” — Bansi Donga
  • “Try following best practices for coding and never hesitate to ask the questions to make you understand the things better.” — Mitkumar Patel
  • “To focus on all technology which they are learning in the internship and try to understand the project properly and ask questions.” — Mitangi Kapatel

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