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Jeavio 2022 Graduate Retrospective

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Unlock a world of learning and growth with the Jeavio Graduate Program—a launchpad for Graduates into the evolving world of technology.

We are a young and dynamic company with more than 230 people sharing a common passion for software excellence. We formed the Jeavio Graduate Program with the objective to empower and encourage engineers to embrace technology early. The program has now completed 5 years and onboarded 80+ interns.

Through this intensive and guided Graduate training program, interns are exposed early on to real-life scenarios and projects, giving them an opportunity to learn and advance their career growth. It is a 1-year structured training program that includes an internship followed by regular employment at Jeavio. The structure of the program prepares Graduates for an early engagement in client-facing projects. Interns get a chance to work as full-time stack engineers using agile technology with full access to SMEs and guidance under the right mentors.

How we onboard and prepare the Graduates

We have collaborated with the top colleges in Vadodara to identify the right talent. The hiring process is defined such that it allows us to discover young curious minds.

Step 1 – An online application is sent out to interested students

Step 2 – Post this, students take up an aptitude test followed by a Codility test to analyze their technical skills

Step 3 – This leads to tech interviews by the product leaders at Jeavio

Step 4 – Finalists then have the HR interviews

Step 5 – Offers are rolled out to selected students

Once these Campus Champions are onboarded, they undergo structured training for tech, business, and soft skills. This includes instructor-led classroom training and self-paced online learning.

Empowering Future

Listen from the Stellar 2022 Graduates of Jeavio

Meet the remarkable cohort from the 2022 Jeavio Graduate Program. Their voices serve as testaments to their personal growth and learning. Their journey in this program led them through diverse roles like development, testing, and automation. The program gave them the exposure they needed to form a foundation for their future at Jeavio.  



Darshita Shah

It’s incredible how Jeavio values and believes in its employees. Everyone here has been so supportive and kind. I became part of an amazing team and have only been learning and growing since then. I could not have asked for a better start to my career. 2022 has not been the best year of my life “personally,” but a lot better at the professional level, and I am so grateful for that.

One of the things that excites me about Jeavio is that you can be yourself. I enjoy my work because of the culture Jeavio provides, and that’s the only reason I wake up every day and show up in the office.

Chirayu Joshi

The work culture, great team, and challenging tasks excite me about working at Jeavio. Everyone here at Jeavio is like family. Starting as an intern, I got to learn many new things. During my internship, I had the opportunity to apply my knowledge of cloud computing to a real-world project. Also, I got to learn and work in multiple technologies with multiple roles like Frontend, Backend, Full Stack, Android App developer, etc.

Devanshee Vankani

Starting a job is always overwhelming. However, the warmth that Jeavio provided to me is commendable, starting with technical guidance, teamwork, time management, and not to forget leadership qualities. All in all, it was a perfect start. The competitive and supportive people all around me always teach me something new every day and help me improve myself. It is this urge for self-improvement that strongly excites me about working at Jeavio.

Vibhuti Patel

It has been a great experience so far, both in terms of work and learning and a positive work environment. One of the best things about Jeavio is the work environment. Everyone is friendly, supportive, and great to work with.

Abhishek Thummar

I joined Jeavio as an intern, and it’s now been more than one year since I joined Jeavio as a software engineer. I am working with excellent and enthusiastic techies, and everyone here is very approachable. I’m grateful for the growth that I’ve experienced and achieved. I faced a few challenges, but with good guidance and support, I was able to overcome them. Overall, the journey with Jeavio has been amazing, with many new learning experience and new friends.

Meet Doshi

My experience working with Jeavio over the past year has been truly enriching and fulfilling. The supportive team, commitment to innovation, and cutting-edge technologies have significantly impacted my growth and learning. The agile approach to work, collaborative environment, and focus on employee well-being empowered me to excel both professionally and personally. I am grateful for the incredible experiences, amazing colleagues, and opportunities for growth. I am proud to be a part of this outstanding organization.

Jaydeep Mulani

Since I joined the company last year, my overall journey with Jeavio has been positive. I have had the opportunity to work on meaningful projects, collaborate with my colleagues, and grow my skills and knowledge.

Chirag Dalbanjan

It has been an excellent journey. Jeavio offers a lot of opportunities. I gained extensive knowledge about manual and automated testing as well as how to test non-functional aspects of the software. Also, I developed good communication skills in a workplace environment. What excites me about working with Jeavio is the good people and the healthy work environment.  

Nitin Agrawal

My journey with Jeavio has been excellent. Everyone is very helpful and understanding, like family members. I started as an Associate QA Engineer at Jeavio and learned about manual testing and automation frameworks. Eventually, as per my aspiration, I was given the chance to work as a developer. I learned various new technologies, like Java and Python, and also improved my communication skills.

Libin Samkutty

Jeavio is a wonderful company to start your journey with, and it has provided a great bridge between college life and the corporate world. The company’s culture is also really great and beginner-friendly, so it has been a good experience. The opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally are something that excites me about working with Jeavio.  

Shubham Gandhi

The journey with Jeavio has been super awesome so far. I am glad that I got the golden opportunity to work with Jeavio at the beginning of my career. This is an exciting company to work for. Everyone is honest, and there is a lot to learn here.  

Dhruv Topiwala

The journey with Jeavio has been great so far, with exponential learning. The opportunity to work on the latest technology excites me about working at Jeavio.  

Keya Bhavsar

My journey with Jeavio has been amazing. Everybody here is supportive and fun. I had many opportunities to learn and grow. The fun and positive working environment excites me about working here.

Prince Lakhani

I am glad that I started my career with Jeavio because here I found a very good work culture. Employees and managers are friendly, and I am able to utilize my full potential. The work culture is energizing, flexible, and collaborative. Jeavio invests in the growth and development of its employees.  

Dhruvik Donga

It has been an awesome journey with Jeavio. I have achieved more than I expected in terms of technical, communication, and other soft skills. I got the chance to work with different technologies and with wonderful and supportive team members. I have come out of my comfort zone and become more confident and open to new challenges.

Nisarg Thakkar

My overall journey with Jeavio has been scintillating. I have gained a lot of hands-on experience in a short span of one year. I have improved my technical skills more than I expected, boosting my confidence as a developer and making me feel comfortable taking on new and exciting challenges.

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